Scientific sessions

Preliminary scientific sessions

  1. Prevalence and burden of nutrition related disease
  2. Nutrition during life course
  3. Nutrition, obesity and metabolic disorders
  4. Nutrition and cancer 
  5. Physical activity, nutrition  and non-communicable diseases
  6. Dietary supplements and nutrition recommendations
  7. Food borne zoonoses control
  8. Antimicrobial resistance in the food chain
  9. Chemical hazards in food chain: risk/benefits assessment
  10. Drinking water and health
  11. Climate changes and food production
  12. Novel foods

Call for young scientists

Young researchers, those that are working on their PH dissertation and those who had already done it within last 3 years, are called to present results from their investigations.

Round tables

  1.  Nutrition and health claims on food: a scientific approach
  2.  Food marketing and consumer information and  protection